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Want to host a workshop your your team, small group, club, or any other group? I provide a number of different workshop opportunities to book for your event.  Request a quote to learn more! 

Get a Grip on Emotional Eating Workshop

Bring the transformative “Get a Grip on Emotional Eating” workshop to your event, where we explore the intricate relationship between emotions and eating habits. Together, we’ll navigate the path to healthier relationships with food, empowering you to make mindful choices and reclaim control over your emotional well-being. Discover a newfound sense of freedom as you break free from emotional eating patterns and embrace a balanced, nourishing lifestyle.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

This workshop is designed to enhance your self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills, providing invaluable tools for navigating complex emotions and relationships. Cultivate emotional resilience, improve communication, and foster healthier connections, empowering yourself to lead a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Stress Management Workshop

In the Stress Management workshop, we embark on a transformative exploration of practical strategies and holistic techniques to manage life’s challenges with grace and resilience. Focusing on somatic healing and breathwork, mind-body connection, mindfulness meditation, and other practical methods, by the end of this workshop, you’ll emerge equipped with the tools to navigate life’s demands with calmness and confidence. You’ll carry with you a sense of well-being in both your personal and professional spheres.