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Diets Suck

We all say it. Going on a diet sucks! 

At least that’s what it feels like! But the truth is that we all have a diet. We just don’t all necessarily have a healthy one. 

So let’s be clear about what we’re really saying…

“Restricting what we eat, withholding our favorite foods, cutting calories, paying for proprietary products, and eating stuff we don’t like all to lose weight really sucks”

There… is that a little more accurate?

Uh… yeah! Who wouldn’t hate that! That sounds miserable. “Going on a diet” is usually a short-term commitment that ends up failing and reversing itself the minute we “fall into temptation” and break the diet. 

And then you’re frustrated, feel guilty, and have lost money. 

Not to mention what it does to our relationship with food!

God made this planet abundant with resources for our life. He made it so we can thrive and be healthy and happy. So why do we feel like crap when we eat foods we crave and dread foods that can actually heal and help us?

I’ll tell you why… – food industry and big pharma.

Our food is full of poisons, impurities, artificial crap, and addictive substances. Big pharma doesn’t want you healthy because then they can’t enslave you. The food industry is in bed with big pharma and drives us into illness and the cycle begins and perpetuates.

We have to be our own advocate and break the cycle. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy food, it just means we need to change our relationship with it and do something different!

So let’s take a look at some eating habits here in the SOUTH. I can’t speak for any other culture, but I do know that down here we love our comfort food. I.E. Mac-n-cheese, sweet potato casserole, bbq, ham rice, cornbread, fried chicken, fried pork chops, fried shrimp, fried okra (fried anything), gravy on everything, cheesecake, brownies, butter pecan cake… and on and on..

Tell me I’m wrong.

So what’s the common theme among these foods?

High saturated fat and sodium content, low fiber, and excessive calories that bring low nutritional value.

In short, meals that consist of many of these things at one sitting, consistently over a period of time are bound to drive our bodies into the ground. Each one by itself on occasion won’t kill you of course, but it’s the combination and frequency of consuming them that hurts the body.

I teach my tribe that food itself is not inherently good nor bad. The issue is how we use our food – are we fueling or comforting? Are we storing or burning? Are we self-medicating or healing?

Learning how your body responds to the food you give it is an important step to losing excessive weight, but it doesn’t end there. Lasting change comes from finding value in the change you’re making, choosing sustainable changes that you can live with, enjoying your changes, and feeling or seeing the difference in yourself after making the change. It may take longer but the result is worth it. You just need a new way of doing things; a new normal!

You also need to learn ways to approach challenging situations like holidays, social gatherings, and celebrations that are going to have those red zone foods! Having the right tools in your toolbox helps you go into it with confidence and come out feeling great. I teach all that in my coaching program.

The reason we struggle with “going on a diet” is because it’s often difficult, not sustainable, not entirely enjoyable, and too easy to “screw up” and have to start over. They can be expensive, too.

I challenge my tribe to explore foods they enjoy that nurture the body. Add foods you LIKE to eat that are clean fuel, have healing benefits, and increase vitality. Instead of cutting foods out all at once, add these foods and eat them FIRST. You’ll be surprised how quickly things change!

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help, book a complimentary discovery session!

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