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Stress – The Silent Killer

They say that hypertension (high blood pressure) is the silent killer. It is the root cause of almost 500,000 deaths per year according to the CDC. 1 That’s pretty remarkable – but what’s even more remarkable is that most people who have hypertension or are on the road to it have absolutely no idea it’s lurking around …

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8 Feelings and Emotions to Expect During Recovery From Domestic Abuse

Getting out of an abusive relationship is extremely difficult. Some people never make it out alive. Domestic violence is scary, life-altering, confusing, and dangerous. Being a survivor means just that – you survived and now it’s time to move forward with the rest of your life! Moving forward definitely does not mean forgetting. The first …

When The Journey Gets Muddy

As I was walking to a bench at the very back of the park, far away from the traffic noise and other visitors to rest, I noticed the ground which looked like solid grass was getting very soft. As I progressed, it got very squishy, wet, and slippery. Then as I took another step I realized my foot was going to get immersed in the muddy ground if I kept going. What are you holding back from reaching because of the muddy ground and uncertainty?

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What Repentance Is Not

Forgiving our abuser or anyone that’s really hurt us is hard.  For some it feels impossible.  Don’t worry, though, I’m not here to ask you to forgive anyone.  While it’s healthy for ourselves to forgive others, that doesn’t always mean we can remain in relationship with them if we do. There is a condition to …