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What is Wellness?

These days you can make anything mean just about whatever you want it to mean.  I never thought in all my life we would be at a point where our dictionary is arbitrary and fluid.  Yet here we are!  

That being said, there are standards that are used to define industries for the purpose of regulation and certification.  Wellness is one of those things, however it often gets misconstrued. 

According to the National Wellness Institute, wellness is defined as “functioning optimally within the current environment.”

Is that what you thought it was??

Maybe, maybe not!  So let’s break down health and wellbeing definitions a little further, shall we?

Wellness is comprised of at least 6 dimensions of our lives.  Some models fine tune those dimensions and use more than 6, so don’t be surprised if you hear of more.  For my coaching, I focus on the following:

In some circles you may also hear of financial, environmental, and nutritional wellness, which we do address, but I just group them into these 6 categories.

So, what does all this mean?  We look at a wellness wheel and think of how each dimension of your life affects other dimensions.  Is your wheel balanced or wobbly?  During coaching we dive deep into all of these areas of your life to examine them closer.  By seeing the interlace of these dimension and understanding their relationship to your whole being, we arrive at holistic care.  Wellness is evergreen and always changing because our environment is always changing.  It’s a journey that never ends, and can be incredibly beautiful!

Wellness meaning  is essentially how balanced are you within your current setting? How do you respond to life? How do you feel compared to how you want to feel?  Are you where you want to be?  This is the primary difference between health and wellness.  While they do overlap, health and wellness meanings are not exactly the same.

Your health is being with or without disease.  It’s going to focus on your physical numbers such as blood pressure and sugar, risks for and management of diseases, access to care, following doctor’s recommendations, etc.

So whether or not you’re dying to lose weight, think you have to be on a diet to be healthy, need to buy a ton of supplements and equipment to be up to par on the wellness scene, or think you need to read a million books and blogs to know everything there is to know – none of that really matters!  

When we get into your coaching sessions, we’ll look at this wheel together and get clear on what wellness means for you and make a plan to get there!

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